More ribbons than you can shake a stick at

What can I say. I'm addicted to ribbons. So I decided I'd put them up. Especially considering that the Matic is going to take down the ones that aren't being viewed. Save the Ribbons!!!

Helpful Tip: If you keep your pointer over a ribbon, you should get my odd little comment on it...

If you want to use one of the ribbons I made, feel free to use the codes... I'd appreciate it if you'd email me, since I'd be curious as to whose thought processes are as whacked as mine. You're not required to...but I'll be more likely to link to you... :-)

Oh, and don't forget, you can make your own ribbons and icons at Webgurus.

Ribbons I Made

My first ribbon...and so trueBrought to you by BCS no MegamiBrought to you by Spoon no MegamiWell...he is!

Where is *YOUR* bum?Admit it with pride!So sayeth CJ, so say I.Okay, so it's an icon, not a ribbon...nyeh

Ribbons I didn't make

Hey, I know they own mine...I have no idea what this means...but I like itI don't want to deal with Josh high at my house.Just ask Chris.

How true it is...Heh heh heh...We're a dying breed! :-)I couldn't have said it better myself.

Most definitely...And I've got a webring proving it!This says it all.I'd better, I wrote a whole fic about him...


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